Second work by John Sullivan, winner of an edition of the Pimienta Awards for erotic literature.

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Estela is a young bohemian, fond of poetry, music and reading. He works at night in a lighthouse, taking care of its maintenance and proper functioning. One night, while he is taking a nap, an erotic dream leaves its mark even after waking up. So much so that he begins to live experiences out of the ordinary. While trying to understand what is happening, he meets Jorge. Both will share a story where eroticism, mystery, the past and their own demons will mark their path to complete their arc of redemption, get rid of their traumas and live their love story.

  • Author: John Sullivan.
  • Format: softcover.
  • Pages: 132.
  • Edit: ExLibric.
  • Language: Spanish.
  • Size: 149 x 209 mm.

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