Second installment of the trilogy that has reinvented the erotic novel.

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Alicia, Diana and Emily are crossing the lines off their list of sexual fantasies, but they still have much to fulfill and discover. The next stage of your sensory journey will be Ibiza. A lesbian festival, a tantric retreat and an open relationship that turns out not to be what it seemed will be some of the keys to her learning. Because pleasure still holds many secrets, and the struggle to be ourselves is made up of many battles.

"And then yes, that kiss. My head explodes, my heart vibrates. My skin bristles. Hard nipples. Her violet lips and mine red merge. We invented a thousand new colors on the Pantone scale. We challenge the bounce of light into this existence. My tongue is incorporated, meets his; She is small but determined. A war begins that will end in bed. The orgasm is so intense that it plunges us into the most absolute silence. We stop breathing. My soul and skin rise to an unknown level. What the fuck happened."

This is me, and I like it. Horny and slut. Mistress of myself. Open to life.

  • Author: Noemí Casquet.
  • Publisher: Ediciones B.
  • Binding: Pocket.
  • Pages: 288.
  • Size: 155 x 2300 mm.

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