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Travel to the Caribbean in this adult holiday romance film from XConfessions' new director, Lis Freimer. Lose yourself in the crystal clear waters, white sand beaches, colorful streets of Venezuela and, of course, the hot sex of the holidays. Real-life performers and couple Daniela Escalona and Manuel Melinkoff play two strangers who can't help but give in to erotic electricity between them as they dance together to the beat of drums at a beach party.

This short film for adults was adapted from an anonymous confession sent by Guajira Candela, a Latina girl who lives in a cold climate and longs for the colors and warmth of her Caribbean home. The result is a real and emotional story of the romances we've all experienced with someone new while traveling.


Lust Cinema is a premium adult studio created by acclaimed adult filmmaker Erika Lust and is home to Lust Cinema Originals. Adult movies and series starring the most popular actors, and made by Erika Lust and the industry's favorite adult directors. Get up close and personal with your favorite artists and directors with video interviews and learn more about your favorite adult movies by viewing exclusive behind-the-scenes footage.

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If you're in the mood for an independent short film based on a real-life sexual confession, then you're in the right place. The award-winning XConfessions was born in 2013 as the first step in filmmaker Erika Lust's mission to create a new wave of adult cinema.

XConfessions is now home to a community of filmmakers, artists, actors and viewers who love sex and cinema and are looking for a new kind of erotic experience. The site is part of a new ethic in adult film production and, by being part of it, helps us challenge conventional mass-produced pornography and encourage more conscious consumerism within adult entertainment.

XConfessions is a completely collaborative erotic cinema: the secret wishes of the audience become scripts for Erika Lust and for guest directors from all over the world. If you're ready to confess, your secret fantasy could be our next short film.

Every explicit film you'll find here is visually striking, going beyond traditional gender roles and hackneyed stereotypes. We push the boundaries of fetish, lust, desire, and intimacy. In addition, each film is accompanied by behind-the-scenes footage, interviews with the director and actors on set, and exclusive photos.


Erika Lust launched Else Cinema, an online erotic movie site, for people looking to add a little more sensuality to their life. Also known as Erika Lust Soft Edition, this is the first erotic movie site to offer viewers a more sensual experience. From romantic stories to passionate adventures, with a large dose of erotica that will test your fantasies and feed your imagination. Another cinema is possible.