Discover the erotic fantasy of your partner in the most ... exciting way!

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Inside it contains;

  • 15 oral theme cards
  • 15 SADO theme cards
  • 15 voyeur-themed cards
  • 15 posture theme cards
  • 15 anal theme cards
  • 15 kiss-themed cards
  • 15 surprise theme cards
  • 15 massage themed cards
  • 15 toy theme cards
  • 51 credit cards
  • 80 question cards
  • 80 test cards
  • 18 fantasy cards
  • 2 dice
  • 1 hourglass
  • 1 realistic vibrator
  • 1 bottle of massage oil (60ml)
  • 1 flavor condom
  • 1 sachets of flavor lubricant
  • 1 metal handcuffs
  • 1 pen for caresses
  • 2 tabs
  • 2 dice
  • 1 Board

It is suggested that you have: cold drink, ice cubes, cream, lipstick, pen and desire to enjoy.

Each of the groups of cards is garajó and placed in the corresponding ditio on the board, with the exception of questions, tests and credits, which are placed next to the board, in the neutral zone between both players.

Each of the players writes on the Fantasy card the one they would like to carry out. After you must hide in any of the new themes without the couple seeing it.

It can be a fantasy that is realized at the end of the game or that can be done another day as (make love in a fitting room of a department store)

Both players roll the die and the highest number begins. Each of the players decides the square on the board by which he wants to start.

The starting player will advance as many squares as the die indicates. It can go in any direction (up, down, right, left or diagonal).

You must do what the color of the square where you fall indicates and, then, it will be the turn of the second player.


- White color, rest and spend turn.
- Red, the player must take a test card from the pile and do what he instructs. If you do it correctly you will get a credit card and it will be saved.
- Blue color, the player must take a question card, the other player will read the card and answer correctly will get a credit.
- Green color, these boxes are the bar, the player who falls can ask for a drink in exchange for 2 credits that will return to the corresponding pile.

The credits obtained by carrying out the tests and the correct rsouestas to the questions, can also be exchanged for any of the garments of the opposite at any time. Each garment costs 2 credits. Players choose the dynamics of playing, they can go through tests and questions or enter rooms of various themes until they find the fantasy card. The first player to find the fantasy card for their partner will be the winner. You will get as a reward to satisfy the hidden fantasy of your partner.

Meaning of the rooms

  • - Oral habitation: it is about using the mouth and lips well in unthinkable areas of the body.
  • - Sado Room: it is a subtle contact with the unknown world of pleasure obtained through pain.
  • - Voyeur room: players will see how their partner does things that, until now, they had only imagined.
  • - Room postures, players will put into practice postures, some of them, perhaps, unknown so far.
  • - Anal habitation, it is about seeking pleasure through anal stimulation.
  • - Kissing room: seeks excitement through kissing in unimaginable areas.
  • - Surprise room, contains a compendium of evidence belonging to all rooms.
  • - Roomsmassages: players will discover the pleasures of a good body relationship, as well as erogenous sites and zones to explore.
  • - Room toys.

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