Lust... Think about it and live it, the perfect game for couples looking for fun.

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A great board game that takes you down a path of discovery, just roll the dice and go on your way.

Find yourself sharing and acting out with both romantic and spicy trials. It includes 100 cards that correspond to the drawings you will find along the way and can be Romance, Sensuality, Body language, or the variety of positions to make love.

As you progress, you and your playmate will build a fantasy from start to finish, while discovering and exploring all sorts of whims and details that you wouldn't have discovered about each other. Lust! You can play it again and again, because it has 30,000 different possibilities, so it will be very difficult to repeat!

Includes the board, 20 Romance cards, 20 Sensuality cards, 20 Body Language cards, 20 Love-Making cards, 2 player chips, 1 die and instructions in English and Spanish.

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