100 challenges for new lovers.

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With the Heart full of Loving Tickles, newcomers learn to know each other well in a playful way. In the more than one hundred rolls of paper that the heart contains, there are questions and surprising tests that will surely make you enjoy a lot.

You are completely in love! You look at each other with a luminous gaze and the whole world disappears from your surroundings. The smile does not leave your faces and in this delicious pink cloud of infatuation it seems as if your energy will never be exhausted. You can't wait until the moment to see you again. What you most want to know everything about each other, but asking and telling everything is not exactly easy...

In the paper rolls of the Heart full of Loving Tickles are questions and tests such as:
'Tell your crush when you melt with love for him. Why right then?'
'Take the camera or the mobile and take a series of photos of both that are loving, romantic or just funny'

In turn, you take a roll from the heart and so you can get to know a lot about each other. And who knows what may still happen!

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