Elastic vegan leather mask perfect for your bondage games.

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Why wear a mask in the bdsm game? It means in the sexual code: Sell my eyes! It's when the mask becomes the sole controlling force behind a person's sexuality.

Put this Coquette Fantasy mask on your lover to give a mysterious and interesting touch to the moment. It induces your lover to a state of darkness that enhances his sexual appetite.

This mask is fastened with a comfortable stretch of elastic fabric. Made of vegan leather.

  • Made of neoprene, nickel-free metal and vegan leather.
  • 100% Adjustable.

The COQUETTE FANTASY collection is perfect for BDSM, quality and resistance suitable for any game!

How can it be practiced in a healthy way?

*Communication is vital. On the one hand, all parties involved must verbally and clearly express their consent to perform some of these practices. But that's not all, there should also be a previous conversation about the so-called soft limits, those that I am willing to give up and / or negotiate and the hard limits those that I am not willing to compromise.

Use the so-called safety word, that is, choose a certain word that means "stop", either because something is uncomfortable, painful or not pleasant. It is recommended that it be a color or a word that is not usually said during the sexual act as a soft color or a thing, for example "yellow" or "pink" so that the dominant or submissive hears it and stops. It is also advised not to use words like "No" or "To" as for the other person it can be even more stimulating.

* Do not occupy elements that imply a risk for the other person, that is, implements that have been created specifically for these practices and therefore it is very important to use products such as COQUETTE FANTASY. Sex toys can also be safely included in these practices, whether for penetrative sex, masturbation or external stimulation.

* Never forget the use of condoms, since only then will the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases be prevented.

On the other hand, if it is the first time that you venture into these practices, the first thing to do is to inform yourself and advise yourself well to know what it is, its myths and truths. "We suggest starting at least intense and increasing the intensity, only then can those involved discover their limits, what they like or not. In this aspect, in COQUETTE FANTASY we have products that can be a great support for this path. There are also board games that help to "break the ice" to try and discover new sensations.

"And of course, as we mentioned earlier, in advance, have a clear and honest conversation with the couple about the limits and by the way, about the consent to perform some or all of the practices that are part of BDSM"

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