It allows full control over erections. An essential element for the dominators to punish or reward their slaves.

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Erection control and orgasm denial products are highly sought after by BDSM enthusiasts. This box-shaped chastity device for the penis prevents erection and penis growth. The submissive is totally at the mercy of the Dominator or Dominatrix who totally controls his possibility of reaching orgasm.

This chastity device can be used as a method of punishment or as a reward. The solid penis box has an opening for urinating or ejaculating, so there's no reason to remove it and it can be worn relatively comfortably throughout the day. But also, after all, comfort is not the main goal of those who wear them or force them to wear these chastity devices.

In addition to the front opening, it also has side openings to allow better air circulation. This chastity device is a discreet and reliable option without the need to wear those really heavy chastity belts.

The Gawain penis box is available in 2 sizes, which are determined by the diameter of the stainless steel ring. The smallest is 40mm in diameter and the largest is 45mm. The lock that comes with this male chastity device prevents unauthorized removal.

Although it can be used for long periods of time, like any other penis box, it is always advisable to remove the Gawain chastity device before falling asleep. It is also important to use lubricants when using this chastity device.

Features of the chastity device

- Hypoallergenic material
- Urine and ventilation openings.
- Can be used for long periods of time
- Includes mini padlock and 3 keys
- Easy to clean and sterilize

Material: Quality stainless steel

Base ring sizes available: 40mm, 45mm

How to care: Before and after each use, it is advisable to wash well with soap and water. Whenever possible, allow to dry completely at room temperature before storing.


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