Fantastic vibrating bullet to stimulate the intimate areas with remote control (the remote is a discreet ring on the finger) and also incorporates a silicone ring for the penis.

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Become the owner of your girl's pleasure.... With just one click it will vibrate the bullet in its more than 10 vibration models, either to introduce it in the intimate area or in the panties. Each Screaming O Mastering bullet features a silky outer layer and an easy removal rope. It can also be used as a penis ring and play other games. The ring adapts to any finger for its material and flexibility. You can choose, by pressing the button, if you want a gentle rhythm or the stronger rhythm. The range of the remote control is 50 meters and it is waterproof. Each battery lasts up to 80 minutes of vibration, when it runs out it is replenished and again 80 minutes more of pleasure.

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