Release tension from your body, forget about stress, and channel sexual energy into a holistic orgasmic experience with SMART WAND™ 2, the ultimate full-body massager.

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With a perfected design, this powerful massager has ten different vibration patterns, which help relax muscles and enhance sensations anywhere in your body. Now with a more stable handle and an even more durable load, so you can enjoy hours and hours of pleasure and rest in the most placid orgasms.

Experience unparalleled relaxation while enjoying the world's most luxurious full-body massager. Thanks to its ten vibration patterns and firmer handle, you will relax your whole body and eliminate stress with ease.

Unlike other similar products, SMART WAND™ 2 has an exquisite design, offers specific massage modes and has a longer lasting load.


  • A SLIM DESIGN WITH INCREDIBLE POWER: With incredible power and a firmer handle for endless relaxation.
  • HANDLE EASY TO HOLD: Balanced and easy to handle, whatever the intensity.
  • EXTRA CHARGE: With a battery that offers longer life per charge and 10 vibration patterns to enjoy hours of pleasure.
  • EXTRA-SOFT SILICONE: With premium extra-soft silicone easy to clean.
  • INCREDIBLY POWERFUL: eliminates stress and relaxes muscles.
  • INCREASED NUMBER OF VIBRATION PATTERNS: from gentle touches to orgasmic pulses.
  • 100% SUBMERSIBLE: perfect for bathing and showering.
  • LONG-LASTING CHARGING: easily charges via USB.
  • EXTRA-SOFT SILICONE: with premium extra-soft and biocompatible silicone as hygienic as pleasant to the touch.
  • IMPROVED INTERFACE: smooth design, easy to use.

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