Ben Wa metal balls of 221 gr., excellent option for those who need a more advanced challenge while enjoying the pleasure in Anastasia style.

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"The silver balls shake me with constant movement, weigh inside me, massage me internally and make me feel needed, in need of sex." "The feeling is exquisite." Anastasia Steele.

For the creation of these Kegel balls, a smooth and solid metal has been used, designed for those who have used Kegel exercises and now want more exciting sensations and a more intense challenge. These balls offer a combined weight of 221 gr that can maximize the effects of your vaginal toning and reinforcement.

These pleasure balls come with a presentation box and a bag for proper storage, these being an erotic gift and ideal for lovers of these books.

This Fifty Shades of Grey product range has been approved by author E.L James.


  • Metal kegel balls for intermediate and advanced users.
  • Each of the balls has a circumference of only 9.52 cm, challenging even the most advanced users.
  • Smooth and solid metal for a complete feel with a combined weight of 221 gr.
  • Easy to remove thanks to a silicone cord.
  • Discreet and quiet, so you can use it in any environment.
  • Length: 21.59 cm.
  • Easy to use, remove and clean.
  • Chrome plated, with a carbon steel core.
  • Raincoat.

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