Quality vibrating lipstick, with 10 amazing vibration modes, wrapped in soft and silky anti-allergenic silicone.

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Now not only a lipstick is a symbol of femininity, but it is also a symbol of pleasure, evolution and history have resulted in the reasoning and freedom of women, pleasure above all is well-being, that's why LYPS STYLE is inspired by the history of women's lipstick, And in honor of its more than 100 years of history, the best vibrating lipstick for today's woman comes out! 

  • Anti-allergenic silicone.
  • Rechargeable, USB included.
  • 10 Vibration patterns.
  • 1 Engine.
  • Powerful and quiet.
  • Lithium-ion battery.
  • Easy to clean.


Although its creation may be even older if we take into account the pigments used by Egyptian and Greek culture, lipstick as we know it celebrates its first century and remains a complex symbol of femininity.

Will there be any woman who does not carry a lipstick in her purse? Maybe, although it is undeniable that this element is the symbol of feminine beauty and an icon of popular culture. The lipstick turns 100 years old and remains the best-selling makeup product with about 1 billion units worldwide. 
The history of lipstick may even be older if you take into account the primary makeup of women in ancient times. In part of Egypt, some natural pigments functioned as foundations of today's makeup. The waxes were fused to give certain colors that were used in eyes and mouth, but that in principle were only allowed for the aristocratic social class.

In Greece, women painted their lips to indicate that they were prostitutes, while in Rome upper-class ladies did so.

Ancient pharaohs and kings also put on makeup, although this fact was far from being a matter of vanity, for them makeup was related to the removal of spirits and medicinal properties. For example, they attributed properties to remove the evil eye or to represent the strength of their ancestors.

But the revolution would come in 1915 by the hand of the American manufacturer Maurice Levy. With the idea of facilitating the application and removing the cumbersome process of needing a brush – which paradoxically is back in fashion today – Levy and other manufacturers thought that the solution was a simpler and more hygienic presentation. 

After many attempts, Levy created a bar-shaped balm, at first a little unstable, but which later became the product we see today. In short, she devised a lipstick attached to a platform – which slipped as the lipstick wore out – and which was inside a metal tube with a lid. In this way, the bar became reusable.

Voilá, something so simple is still today the product par excellence and a complex symbol of femininity. Loved by the majority, but subjected to scrutiny by the most radical who brand it as an oppressive, macho, provocative and tremendously sexual object, lipstick nevertheless continues to remain in the beauty market.

"The lipstick is perceived as an object of consumption and personal grooming accepted in an environment where modernity is desired and professional success predominates as a life objective (...) But we must not forget the primary function of makeup, and that is to create a visual illusion.

It temporarily modifies the face and, therefore, the way in which its users present themselves to others", is described by a study by the Catholic University of Peru called 'Lipstick: identity, presentation and experiences of femininity'. 

-Passion red-

This research also suggests that certain colors accentuate these macho practices. The red color of the lips has always had an eminently sexual connotation.

"The elements that identify femininity may be underestimated, but they contain discourses and knowledge that tell us about what it means for society not only to be a woman, but to reach a certain ideal image. The cosmetics industry plays with these symbolic values," the text states.

The union of makeup and publicity has probably given birth to one of the strongest mass propagation weapons of all time. From magazines, media and now social networks, the ideal of perfection, fashion, trend, the ideal of being a woman, man, child, homosexual, is enhanced with constant presentations of models of that life. 

The lipstick has played an important role in key moments of history. Apart from also being an element for the theater, for example, it was a product marketed by Elisabeth Arden during World War II in a campaign that was called "The campaign as duty" to try to lower the tone of the crisis that the world was experiencing. 


  • Total length: 10.2 cm.
  • Diameter: 2.5 cm.
  • Weight: 45 gr.
  • Material: ABS and silicone.
  • Housing color: Black. Red lipstick.
  • Water resistant: Yes.
  • Battery: Yes, USB rechargeable.

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