Positive effects on libido, erection, physical endurance and sexual performance.

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These tablets contain a balanced formula of natural ingredients that enhance sexual desire and reinforce physical well-being.

Maca root powder is a renowned herbal aphrodisiac and guarantees effective sexual stimulation. Maca contains a large amount of tyrosine and phenylalanine. These amino acids are, at some point, a preliminary step of brain neurotransmitters that exert a positive effect on sexual desire.

Niacin plays an important role in the proper functioning of the nervous system and contributes to an optimal supply of body energy.

Tribulus terrestris increases sexual desire and reflexes and may also have a stimulating effect on libido. Sarsaparilla contains saponins, the function of which is comparable to that of hormones. It is a tonic that improves sexuality. The herb also helps regulate optimal circulation of progesterone and testosterone. Both hormones stimulate sexual desire.

Pumpkin seed is rich in zinc, which is very important for testosterone production. Testosterone is essential for triggering sexual desire in both men and women.

Nettle leaf is very impicada in the stimulation of sexual desire, because it maintains constant the level of testosterone concentration in the body.

Catuaba extract acts as a natural aphrodisiac. This herb stimulates the genitals and enhances the release of sex hormones. Siberian ginseng, zinc and oats also reinforce the release of sex hormones.

American ginseng and ginger root oil act positively on libido and physical stamina.

Muira puama improves blood circulation and thus blood flow to the genitals increases. Paprika and L-arginine also stimulate blood flow in the genitals, which strengthens erection and improves sexual performance.

The kola nut reinforces the contribution of body energy and endurance.

Calcium is an essential mineral that supports the healthy functioning of muscles and the transmission of nerve impulses.


  • Promotes sexual performance
  • Favors the ibido
  • Promotes erection
  • Promotes sexuality
  • Promotes the supply of body energy

Venicon for Men helps improve sexual performance naturally. This exclusive formula based on herbs, vitamins and minerals provides the body with extraordinary support.


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