The new sexual revolution. Stimulating liquid vibrating gel. Available in two formats.

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Apply to your skin what stimulates you! Says the creator of Liona by Moma Rose Atzesberger "all ingredients are respectful with the skin" we have managed to develop a unique product that stimulates contact with intimate areas causing an immediate effect. "There are many cosmetics for sexual health that enhance pleasure but with Liona by Moma we have achieved something special".

With so much offer in the market as you know how to recognize the best stimulants? There are no tricks to know the best sexual cosmetic, the sector of stimulating products for sexual health is huge, so we have developed a product that only when you try it in any area of the body you feel only 5% of what you will feel when in contact with the intimate area.

One of the most esteemed active ingredients of the formulation along with others no less valued as cyamopsis tetragonoloba gum and aloe barbadensis leaf juice. By the way used in sexual relations enhances the immediate hydration of the vaginal mucosa not only feeling the obvious pleasure of our formula but also the comfort in penetration.

If we had to recommend a product of the three versions we launched it would be a mistake, because all three inspire a moment of stimulation according to the personal state of each one.

  • It is an elixir of liquid stimulation with magic effect of rapid absorption that favors the sexual relationship of quality.

The image of Liona by Moma is elegant and inspires beauty, we work with other cosmetic products in other sectors and Liona by Moma is a luxury that culminates our trajectory, we are happy to offer a product that guarantees you pleasure.

  • Available formats: 6 ml. and 15 ml.
  • Cotton cloud flavor.

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