A soft silicone ring with powerful vibrations to achieve shared stimulation and enhance the act......

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This vibrating penis ring made of silicone brings shared pleasure and intensified stimulation to the partner. By sliding the Yours and Mine ring around the penis, the erection can be enhanced at the same time that the clitoris is stimulated through the sensational vibrations.

"His caresses cause me a delicious shudder that startles my body." - Anastasia Steele

Water resistant, soft to the touch and full of power, this elastic penis ring provides an exquisite accentuation of sexual intercourse, improving the sensation and intensifying your pleasure and that of your partner.

The silicone ring stretches to fit the thickness of the penis, squeezing it tightly to enhance the appearance and feel of the erection and can help delay climax to make the pleasure longer lasting.

Clitoral stimulation is provided by the stimulator located at the top of the ring that houses the powerful vibrating motor. A small press on the bullet button activates the ring, vibrating with its intense and unique speed that is transmitted throughout the entire member to enhance the pleasure of the couple. Results may vary.

Turn the ring over to change things up a bit and place the bullet over the testicles providing a vibration that you will never get tired of. To improve results even more, simply add a touch of water-based lubricant

Part of the Official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection approved by E L James.

Battery warnings:

Button batteries (LR44/LR41)

WARNING. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. It contains dangerous batteries that can cause serious injury if swallowed or inserted into any hole in the body. If the battery compartment does not close properly, the toy should be stopped and kept out of reach of children. Consult a doctor immediately if you suspect that the batteries have been swallowed or inserted into any hole in the body.

Replacement batteries should be stored in a safe place. Used batteries should be disposed of as soon as possible and safely.


  • Made of silicone.
  • Powered by 2 LR44 batteries.
  • A speed.

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