It will help you get the erection you've always wanted and the relationships you deserve.

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Get more satisfying sex with Boost Pumps.

Thanks to its wonderful features you can get what you have always wanted, powerful, thick, powerful and above all, pleasant erections without having to go to surgery or pills.

The PSX08 pump has a transparent cylinder with meter, ideal to check how your penis is growing with each onslaught. But this pump goes further, it has an LCD screen with which you can control the rhythm of pumping.

To start enjoying you just have to press the "+" button, after which the screen will light up. Press "+" again to enjoy the first level of pressure. Keep in mind that the negative pressure will increase gradually, when it reaches a value of -125Mbar, the pump will stop automatically. Once the pressure reaches -50Mbar the pressure will rise again to -125Mbar.

When you want to change levels you just have to press "+" and enjoy 3 more levels. To downgrade press the "-" button. Note that if you are on the first level and press "-" the pump will turn off. When you think you've grown enough you can press the "Valve" button to release the pressure instantly.

When you think you've grown enough you can press the pressure release button for a happier ending. You can combine your pump with the vibrating accessory and / or masturbator sleeves of the same brand and with the sleeves.

To achieve the best results these pumps use the vacuum system, which causes blood to concentrate in the penis, whether it is flaccid or erect. If the penis is flaccid, you will get a perfect erection through a hermetic and comfortable seal located at the end of the cylinder, at the junction of the penis with the pubis.

You can clean comfortably and safely by removing the cylinder from the rubber. Remember to properly clean your pump with a good toy cleaner and use a base lubricant.


  • Automatic Pump
  • With LCD display
  • Water resistant (cylinder only)
  • Phthalate-free
  • Rechargeable
  • Silicone + ABS
  • Free silicone ring included

Pressure levels:

  • First level: -50Mbar -125Mbar
  • Second level: -125Mbar -200Mbar
  • Third level: -200Mbar -275Mbar
  • Fourth level: -275Mbar -350Mbar


  • Total length: 30 cm
  • Insertable length: 20 cm
  • Total diameter: 7 cm
  • Total weight: 306 gr

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