Libido massage oil from SHUNGA has a slight aroma of exotic fruit, ideal for giving you an erotic and sensual massage, since massages are the physical and natural way to show affection towards another person.

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It is also a way to communicate without using words. A caress at the right time and in the right place... It can tell a lot about your intentions. The massage oils of SHUNGA will make you live unique experiences and awaken the pleasure and desire of your body, giving you a softness in your silk effect skin. They are very easy to apply, you just have to pour a few drops into the palm of your hand and rub so that the oil takes a slight temperature, massage the desired area and you will see that it glides smoothly, leaving the skin soft and perfumed. Little by little, the senses will be stimulated and their energizing and stimulating qualities, thanks to the almond base, they will begin to do their function ... A different way to make sex somewhat more pleasurable and charming with massage oils SHUNGA. Contains Vitamin E (Antioxidant) and Ylang Ylang (Stimulant).

Now its format is 240 ml and with anti-drip closure system.


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