BDSM Kit: Bondage, Discipline, Submission and Masochism.

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BDSM is based on a series of sexual behaviors and actions freely accepted and consensual by the participants. We use sao or sadomasochism many times to define BDSM practices, a big mistake. The main characteristic of this sexual alternative is the respect and freedom of each participant.

With Experience you will have everything you need to practice BDSM in this kit; all synthetic leather, all red. And you will not miss anything whether you are beginners or advanced players. Don't believe it?

The set includes 8 unique pieces:

  • Breathable jaw
  • Whip
  • Handcuffs set for dolls
  • Whipping shovel
  • Mask
  • Nipple clip
  • Ropes of 5 meters length
  • Submissive collar with leash

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Let's get into the meaning of bondage. You must be aware at all times of the needs of you and your partner. If you feel that someone is having complications, stop and ask if they are okay.

A good idea is to establish a keyword or sign, which can be any, to make the couple understand that they want to stop or go more calmly.

With the Experience Red Kit you ensure a safe experience with an exciting result.

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