Feminine and sophisticated from the Bijoux Indiscret house.

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Frou Frou is a handcuffs game that combines the richness of organza and the softness of satin, an exciting mix of textures for a night of fantasy and surprise.

Did you know that...

... the sound of sophistication and elegance of period costumes clashing with each other, inspired the creation of Frou Frou, organza and satin wives worthy of the whim of Marie Antoinette?

... Being tied up and feeling imprisoned discharges adrenaline, causing sexual tension to go further because alpha waves are released that contribute to entering an almost hypnotic state that allows lovers to relax and surrender to fantasies in a pleasant way?

... Are BIJOUX INDISCRETS wives the most sophisticated way to experiment with bondage?

... Bondage is one of the most common sexual fantasies among both men and women?

... The essence of bondage is to let yourself be dominated and surrender to your partner? Delivery, more than a game, means total and absolute trust in the other. A valuable gift that, in addition, must be reciprocal.


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