FETISH SUBMISSIVE Introduces the first vegan leather handcuffs with nickel-free metal!

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Lock up your lover with these sexy, effective and comfortable handcuffs. A classic accessory for your slavery games.

These handcuffs have the elegant aesthetic you are looking for while absolute effectiveness. Double layered and finished with a metal buckle, your submissive will not be able to escape. The padded interior ensures they'll stay comfortable no matter how much they pull or how long you play.

They are perfect for advanced level players and also for beginners.

Attach them to your lover's dolls and start the game!

  • Made of material; Neoprene, nickel-free metal and vegan leather.

The Fetish Submissive collection is the perfect for BDSM, quality and resistance suitable for any game!

She wears these handcuffs along with other accessories from the collection, FETISH SUBMISSIVE.

100% Adjustable.

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