Another year we launched our erotic poetry contest "Un Cupido Hot", although in previous years there would be the call in January to be able to present the winner on Valentine's Day. This started a little disrupted with some changes in the store that has had us somewhat out of place but we did not want to stop celebrating this event, so we took advantage of Valentine's Day to give the exit to it. We leave you the bases below, and if you have any questions contact us. To the pen!!

Bases of participation of the III Contest of Erotic Poetry "Un Cupido Hot".

  • All persons who wish to participate may participate, provided that they present works in Spanish, original and unpublished, not published in any format (including the Internet) in whole or in part, not awarded or pending verdict in other contests, or awaiting response in an editorial process.
  • The works must be sent between February 14 and March 4, 2023 to info@tupuntohot.com indicating in the subject "Contest A Hot Cupid". The works must be sent in PDF format. In the body of the message, the title of the work presented, the name or pseudonym of the author and a contact telephone number must be indicated.
  • The poems must be about eroticism, focused and treated as the author wishes. The works must have a maximum length of 60 verses.
  • The jury's decision will be final and will be made public on March 6. The jury is composed of 5 members, formed by members of Tu Punto Hot, writers and people related to the world of literature.
  • The winner will be contacted by telephone on March 6 at the same time that it will be announced in all the media and social networks in which Tu Punto Hot is present. The winning work will be published on the blog of Tu Punto Hot.
  • The prize consists of a copy of the book of poems "Esto No Es Ítaca" by Rosalía Galindo, and a set of edible body painting "Poeme" from the house BIJOUX INDISCRETS.
  • Information: for any query by mail: info@tupuntohot.com or on the phone 608005831 (WhatsApp available).