Summer is coming!! Holidays, fun and lots of heat, indoor and outdoor, and the mobile always in hand to capture unforgettable moments. Take advantage of some of those moments to take that Hot photograph that can make you the winner of our first photo contest "Hot Summer". Below you have the bases. If you have any questions about them you can ask us here or through any of the available channels.

We look forward to your photos!!


1 . Theme: Photographs with a funny as well as erotic point. Pornographic photographs will not be accepted. Those in which a card or sticker of the store appears, or simply the word HOT, will be valued more.

2 . Participants: Open to all adults. Each participant can submit a maximum of 3 photographs.

3 . Deadlines and formats: All types of photography in digital format up to 5 MB will be accepted. The means to send the photographs are:

  • Mail:

  • WhatsApp: 608005831

  • Kik: TuPuntoHot

  • Telegram: Your hot spot

  • Instagram: /tu_punto_hot/

  • Facebook: /

It must be indicated: Hot Summer Contest + title of each photograph and name / alias of the author.

The deadline for submission of photographs ends on August 31.

BooBoo-png_1.png4 . Jury: There will be two types of jury. A professional one composed of two expert photographers in erotic photography and the team of Tu Punto Hot. The other will be a popular jury by vote on the platform where all the photographs will be uploaded.

5 . Ruling: The decision, both of the professional and popular jury, will be known on September 15.

6 . Prizes: The winner of the professional jury will have a free photo session with one of the photographers who are members of the jury, a batch of products from Tu Punto Hot and as a trophy a Boo Boo figure from the Bad Taste Bears collection.

The winner of the popular jury will have two vouchers, one of 50% for a photo session with one of the photographers members of the jury and another also of 50% for any purchase made at Tu Punto Hot.