Perfect complement for stimulation from low to intense vibration. Discreet, powerful and incredibly smooth.

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Morbidity is a human reality, that is, one of the basic impulses of the human being. It has to do with the instinctive part and is part of all needs, such as: eating, having sex, socializing, sleeping, among others.

Some studies carried out at Wake Forest University have shown that morbid interest has always been present in our brain. That is why morbidity is something that can be defined as a need of people, something they need to have or do.

This feeling is a kind of force that drives people to come into contact with it and leads them to experience pleasure at the moment of doing so. The pleasure of doing something forbidden or transgressing the rules.

The morbid has different ways of expressing itself, among them is pornography; Viewing this type of content satisfies people's curiosity, but it also allows them to take a step beyond ordinary sexual relationships.  That's why ANBIGUO was born, the first brand designed for sexual morbidity without limits!

Where the forbidden begins is morbidity and ambiguity. Without labels, without limitations and with a lot of passion we have developed this brand.

TIBERIUM is contoured exclusively for the anal area and that you play all your pleasure points. Its extra layer of velvety silicone is an addition for anal sex.

This vibrator is made of flexible medical silicone and can be placed comfortably and gently on the skin. The special thing about this sexual wellness product is the wireless remote control, with which you can easily control the pleasure from the watch without breaking the state of arousal. You can select from 7 exciting vibration programs with varying degrees of intensity.


  • Soft pulsating frequency vibrator.
  • Size: 12.2 x 3.5 cm.
  • Medical grade silicone.
  • USB rechargeable.
  • 7 Vibration modes.
  • Intensity control in each vibration mode.
  • Watch remote control technology WATCHME.
  • Contoured to precisely stimulate your pleasure points.
  • Suitable for internal and external stimulation.
  • 100% waterproof for easy cleaning and hotter than hot baths, IPX6 category.
  • 100% vegan vibrator.


What should we keep in mind when using  TIBERIO?

Always use enough water-based lubricant to make the pleasure experience as exciting and enjoyable as possible. Delicate silicone feels pleasant on the skin thanks to its soft, fluffy surface. In addition, TIBERIUM is easy to clean thanks to its materials: a little warm water and soap are enough for cleaning, and a few sprays of the toy cleaner provide complete hygiene, so you can immediately start the next adventure!

If you think that having a sex watch is not necessary because with a normal remote control you reach your goals, you are wrong. In this article we will explain some benefits that WATCHME technology will bring you.

If you think that having a sex watch is not necessary because with a normal remote control you reach your goals, you are wrong. In this article we will explain some benefits that WATCHME technology will bring you.

What is a WATCHME watch?

It is a sexual smart watch that will help you control the top sex toys. We can synchronize them with sex toys that use watchme technology to control the vibrations and functions of our favorite sextoy. 

Functions of a WATCHME watch.

In a WATCHME watch there are some outstanding functions that we will detail:

  • Turn vibration on/off.
  • Modify vibration modes.
  • Modify the intensities in each vibration mode.


For years we have seen thousands of sex toys use a remote control, this has always allowed you to play in a fun way with your partner or alone using a remote control to give pleasure at a distance. It is very pleasant to use a remote control, however, with Watchme we have advanced a step further in the comfort and convenience of the sexual act. 

Why use the WATCHME watch?

We explain the main reasons that will make you think about using a remote control in the form of a clock.

When we practice the sexual act, we are focused on giving and receiving pleasure. When using remote control toys sometimes we lose the control between the sheets. With Watchme this will not happen, the watch will always be traceable and your focus of attention will only be to give or receive pleasure.

When we use the remote control, we want it to be as discreet as possible, to go completely unnoticed, during the last years we have seen the advance of smart watches such as Apple watch or many more, however when using the watchme watch it will go unnoticed because now it is very common to look at the clock to check the calories burned, photos, messages etc.   The only difference will be that by watching WatchMe you will be controlling the pleasure of your lover or your own, ready for action?

Watchme is a watch made of comfortable soft silicone designed for the advancement of remote control being the only watch on the market that allows you to vary the intensities in each vibration mode and offering endless vibration modalities from soft to strong. 

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