Male chastity device that gives Doms complete control over the erections of their Subs. Open format, but still very restrictive.

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Chastity devices are great to use as a method of punishment or reward. You and your submissive will love the sensations caused by Galahad.

This chastity device has a very open shape, with the appearance of several metal penis rings together. This allows great ventilation and incredible sensations. It is also quite open at the front, allowing it to be used for longer, as it does not need to be removed to urinate.

The opening in the front is also excellent for further punishing the submissive by allowing to provoke the glans mercilessly.

This penis box is available in 3 sizes, which are determined by the diameter of the stainless steel ring. The smallest is 40mm in diameter, the middle is 45mm and the largest is 50mm.

The lock that comes with this male chastity device prevents unauthorized removal. Only each of the 3 keys that come with this product can open it.

As with any chastity device, it is always advisable to remove the Galahad before falling asleep. It is also important to resort to the use of lubricants during use.

This is a product with the SEVW Extreme seal of quality.

Features of the chastity device

- The open format allows urination and excellent ventilation.
- Can be used for long periods of time
- Includes mini padlock and 3 keys
- Easy to clean and sterilize

Material: Quality stainless steel

Base ring sizes available: 40mm, 45mm, 50mm

How to care: Before and after each use, it is advisable to wash well with soap and water. Whenever possible, allow to dry completely at room temperature before storing.


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