Limited edition of this for large FETISH FANTASY suctioners.

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Make your nipples harden with pleasure with the Super Nipple Sucker Series FETISH FANTASY Limited Edition. With very little, this incredible nipple sucker creates intense pressure that increases the blood level and increases the size of your nipples and their sensitivity to unsuspected limits. With each turn, your nipples and areola will enjoy satisfaction. You will love both your partner and you, both for its incredible appearance, and for the sensitivity and sensations you will have. Your nipples will stay hard for hours, making intimate contact more fun than ever.

Place the clear cylinder over your nipple and lower the suction dial to contact with your skin. The soft cylinders will give you a pleasant feeling on it and will stay in one place when the action begins. Apply a large amount of pressure to the cylinder to make sure it stays fixed on your breasts and rotates to activate the suction. Each time you turn, the sucker will increase the blood level and suck your nipple into the tube. Once you unscrew and release the pressure your nipples will still be hard and ready for whatever happens next.

The best thing is that this suction machine works without having to use external suction pump. If you want to enjoy the appearance of your nipples and areolas and incredible sensations, this sucker is a mandatory instrument so you can fulfill your fetish fantasies.

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