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Put on the mischief Jennifairy and feel even more seductive and powerful to seduce your partner and provoke warm and intense moments of pleasure.

Jennifairy's mischief is a very sexy lingerie. Its transparency and sensuality will surely guarantee you warm and intense romantic adventures. And this Jennifairy outfit also comes with a thong that will make your partner go crazy with desire.

The mischief is black with a bold style and an ultra-feminine floral pattern, and what makes this lingerie even more provocative is the transparent fabric. The richness of details of mischief differentiates this seductive lingerie. In the bust area there is a special seam that enhances the breasts. In addition, the cups of this nightgown are not padded and have no hoops, this sensual detail leaves the breasts very natural and exalted. To complement this, a beautiful neckline and transparent fabric enrich this sexy outfit.

To make it even more provocative it is accompanied by a black thong with a bold design, since the sides of the thong and the back are formed only by small and thin strips that enhance the buttocks and make it even sexier.

The main features of mischief Jennifairy:

  • The set includes: mischief and thong.
  • Soft and elastic knitted fabric - Multielastic fabric (90% polyamide, 10% elastane).
  • With a special stitching on the bust to accentuate the breasts.
  • Very sensual black thong.
  • Black mischief with floral print.
  • The bust looks natural and subtle.
  • Cups not padded and without rim.
  • Soft and transparent material.
Available sizes: S/M and L/XL

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