Water-based flavor lubricant with neutral PH, optimal for vaginal use. Seven flavors to choose from.

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Taste is one of our five senses and in our relationships, to be full, we must put all five into play. We use the mouth to kiss, bite and lick, it is fine and highly recommended, but if we like strawberries why not give flavor to our partner so that when we sink the tooth we enjoy more. To do it in the best conditions we present the Fruity Love lubricants.

Fruity Love is the brand of lubricants manufactured by Swede, a Swedish company that, like all Scandinavian countries, pays close attention to the design of its products and their quality.

The design of the packaging is attractive to match the color of each flavor. The content of the same is a lubricant developed with a completely natural formula but maintaining the criteria of durability, softness with the skin, compatibility with the use of condoms, skin protection, neutral PH and ease of cleaning. The taste is provided by ingredients also used in the food industry which means that they are completely harmless.

Due to its neutral PH it is suitable for vaginal use and does not represent a risk of infections. It also does not contain parabens, a common preservative in other lubricants and cosmetics, which can cause irritations and allergies.

Available flavors: Raspberry and Red Chard, Pink Grapefruit with Mango, Golden Pear and Vanilla, Blackcurrant and Lime, Dark Chocolate, Strawberry with Cava, and Tropical Fruits with Honey.

Choose yours and make the most of it!!.


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