Introducing the new Nobü toy with temperature sensor and an exclusive touch-sensitive system.

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This means that the intensity of vibrations increases when the sensor built into the toy detects body heat. Its body is made of a velvety material. It consists of an ergonomic shaft a protrusion for clitoral stimulation. It has three vibration motors (2 in the shaft and 1 in the citrus area). With 10 vibration levels that are activated by the up and down buttons. With USB rechargeable battery, it is lightweight and splashproof. You can use it for 3 hours in a row, if you feel like it.

  • Size: 21,60 x 3,8 cm.
  • Designed in Japan.
  • Extremely quiet (less than 40 dB).
  • Weight: 180 gr.
  • Material: medical silicone.

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